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was founded in 2001 in Frankfurt am Main. The owner and managing director is Damir Tomas. The state-qualified communications designer studied at the Frankfurt Academy for Communication & Design from 1989 to 1995. In the following years he worked for various renowned agencies such as Leo Burnett, Wunderman, Ogilvy & Mather and Atelier Markgraph, where he held responsibility, as Art Director, for the DaimlerChrysler-Pavilion at EXPO 2000 in Hanover, among other projects. In recent years, brandmission has supervised many projects in the area of sustainability and environment. In the context of the exhibitions SAVE FOOD and KITCHEN OF SOLUTIONS, Damir Tomas was accepted onto the Consultant Roster of the United Nations in 2015, and since then has acted as an official consultant for design and exhibitions.


Damir Tomas
Managing director



Clients on brandmission

"We have been working with Damir Tomas since brandmission was formed. During this period, he provided creative, dependable and committed support to our major projects. His approach is either laid-back or meticulous, he masters his tools with the utmost confidence and finds just the right expression. He is a good advisor to work with, but is still receptive to his clients' ideas. Damir Tomas is one of this country's best designers - but we shouldn't tell him that too often ;-) ..."


Stefan Schulze-Hausmann, initiator of the German Sustainability Award


"brandmission has been involved in some challenging design projects for DTC (De Beers) in Germany over several years. To mention just a few, they included the development of innovative diamond jewellery concepts and designs, the design and implementation of attention-getting and innovative trade fair and window display installations, the design and implementation of an exclusive and premium POS concept for diamond jewellery. Damir Tomas and his team have inspired us repeatedly with their very intuitive sense of design and aesthetics and their incredible and inexhaustible wealth of ideas. Each project has always been executed with great attention given to innovation, quality and detail. brandmission has always been a very dependable and highly appreciated associate."


Beate Weyland, Business Director DTC /De Beers Germany (2003-2006)


"Major DBU events such as the German Environmental Prize award are intricate and complex productions that require a focus on creativity and flexibility as well as practical skills and precise coordination in implementing them. brandmission fulfils these requirements and it's why we've enjoyed working effectively with Damir Tomas and his team for years."


Felix Gruber, Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt (Federal Environment Foundation)


"brandmission created the Vandenberg diamond brand for our jewellery business and we were able to establish it successfully. It was fascinating to see the instinctive way in which the brandmission team approached the assignment, the host of ideas they surprised us with in various concept lines and the professionalism with which they ultimately produced the final line. I was very satisfied working with brandmission across the board. It was a great experience."


Lars Börgel, Karstadt





German Design Award 2016
Nachhaltigkeitspreis 2012


Excellent Communications
Design – Event


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Sonderpreis der Jury EVA 2001
Ballett Frankfurt | City of Abstracts
als Designer

British Design & Art Direction
D&AD 2003
als Illustrator

1. Preis EVA 2001
Kategorie Public Events
DaimlerChrysler | LAB.01 on Tour
als Art Director

Silber ADC NewYork 2003

Bronze DDC 2003
Messe Frankfurt
Constructing Atmospheres
als Designer und Illustrator


Hall of Fame
Thanks to the many staff and project associates who contributed to our success.




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