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XXI Triennale di Milano


Exhibition design
Media installation
Print design


XXI Triennale di Milano

Hands on Studio – the official German contribution to the XXI Triennial in Milan. In 2016 the Triennial takes place under the motto “21ST CENTURY. DESIGN AFTER DESIGN.” On behalf of the German Design Museum and the Foreign Ministry, the German Design Council commissioned brandmission with the development and realisation of the German contribution. However, in line with the Triennial motto, no current designs from Germany are being shown, but rather the communication of design knowhow in workshops by renowned designers. “Design shapes economic and cultural coexistence beyond boundaries and generations and addresses relevant social questions of the 21st century. That is why design is also an important component of foreign cultural policy, which we wish to promote and expand. I wish the German contribution Hands On every success and as many visitors as possible,” says Dr. Frank-Walter Steinmeier, Federal Minister for Foreign Affairs. A central element of the pavilion is a desk, around 7 metres in length, which provides space for up to 16 workshop participants, in order to work creatively. Outside of workshop hours a sophisticated video is project onto the desk, which shows a workshop situation with adolescents. Sound effects increase the illusion that the visitor is witnessing a live workshop that is taking place right now. Visitors are greeted at the entrance to the pavilion by a large-format video column, showing an animation based on the exhibition logo. This can be influenced interactively by means of a simple gesture control, which makes playful reference to the creative character of the exhibition. The XXI Triennial in Milan will be held from 2 April until 12 September 2016.


Half a year in time-lapse Video